The power of partnerships.

The power of partnerships.

Today’s marketing is more complicated than ever. To help you better understand performance within this complexity, Google Measurement Partners gives you an array of options to expand your measurement capabilities.

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Measurement, how you need it.

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    Measurement Partners work closely with Google and meet rigorous, verified standards so you can be confident you’re working with a company who can deliver a measurement solution with the quality you expect.

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    Our Measurement Partners provide brands and agencies with an independent option when it comes to measuring marketing performance of their Google media. By partnering with leading measurement providers across an array of solutions, you’ll find a partner that meets your needs.

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    Array of solutions

    Whether you’re looking for help with viewability, reach, brand lift, brand safety, or marketing mix modeling, our Measurement Partners offer various solutions that work across Google advertising products, including Google Marketing Platform (including Display & Video 360 and Search Ads 360), Google Ads, YouTube, and more.

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When a company has the Measurement Partners badge, it means they’ve been carefully vetted and meet our standards. It also means we consider them to be a trusted business partner in providing the measurement capabilities you need to better understand your marketing performance, inclusive of Google media.

Look for the badge.

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    Mobile App Attribution

    Get campaign performance insights you can trust and make informed marketing decisions when working with an App Attribution partner. These partners provide a consistent and seamless understanding of your app's campaign performance.

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    Audience Reach

    Audience reach partners provide you with a comprehensive view of media exposure across your target audiences, allowing you to better understand and optimize advertising spend across Google media and other channels.

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    Brand Lift

    Increase accountability by connecting and measuring your ability to achieve brand building objectives with your advertising across channels. Brand Lift partners enable you to maximize the value of your digital advertising investments.

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    Brand Safety

    For most advertisers, protecting your brand is a top priority. Brand Safety partners provide robust monitoring and reporting on your video and display placements across devices, so you can feel confident your brand is safe.

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    Sales Lift

    Sales Lift partners help advertisers understand the incremental impact of their investments on key performance metrics such as revenue or sales. These partners are experts at incorporating Google data and insights into performing this analysis.

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    Viewability partners help you understand how your display and video ads have the opportunity to be seen by real people across screens and devices, including those running on Google media. Using commonly accepted standards, viewability gives you a common currency on which to understand your results.

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    Marketing Mix Models

    Marketing Mix Model partners help advertisers understand the ROI of their investments, so they can improve what’s working and fix what’s not. These partners are experts at incorporating Google data and insights into their services.

Our Adidas teams work together in one environment where we can see audience insights, what creative we’re running and where, how it’s performing, and make changes almost in real time.

Patrick Cummings, Chief Executive Officer, Marketing Management Analytics

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